Passport Club

Passport Club Updates

1) The first three months of Passport Club will be considered a “Try-it-out” period. If the student shows an interest in the club by attending passport checks and studying for them (indicated by an average of 60% or better - for a Level 1 member, that means getting an average of 3 out of 5 countries/locations correct), they will earn their own Passport Book which will be kept safe at school until the end of the year when they get to take their Passport Book home. Conversely, students who don’t want to remain in Passport Club after three months will not get any more study maps and don’t need to attend any other passport checks.

2) Instead of having a party at the end of the year, all of our Passport Club members will be recognized on our Club bulletin board. Once a month an “Explorer of the Month” will be featured on the board. Our previous Level 5 members will continue to be recognized with their peer, "Passport Checker" status.

The signup period for Passport Club is currently closed. We hope to see you next year!

What is Passport Club?

Passport Club is an extra curricular, voluntary program paid for and operated by the PTO, where children learn at home the locations of continents and countries around the world. It is a fun and family-involved way to help your child broaden their horizons by starting to recognize our global neighbors. By the end of the year, your child will have the opportunity to learn between 47 and 270 different locations around the world! Students K-5 can participate!

Passport Club is free to all interested participants. Adults must enroll their student(s).

Each month your student will receive a study map to bring home (resources are posted on this page if they are misplaced). At the end of the month, after lunch and prior to going to recess, our Passport Club Volunteers and student/peer checkers will ask your student to show them where each location is on a blank map. Their progress is tracked in their own passport book (earned after three months of the "try it out" period). Students hard work will be recognized on the the Passport Club bulletin board at school.

If you have any questions, please message our Passport Club Coordinator.

Passport Club Check Dates

Each month, when your student receives their study map, the next check date is written in the upper left corner. If you'd like to subscribe to the Passport Club Calendar, you can click here for the google calendar or here for the ical subscription link.


Did your student lose their study map or blank map? Click here to download the study map you need. A password to open your map was supplied in the beginning of the year in your student's Passport Club welcome packet. If you need the password, please send us an email, please include your student's name and grade.

If you need a blank study map, click here.


Here are some digital study aids that some students might find helpful when studying for their Passport Club Check. 

The Quizlet and Purpose resources are all inclusive (meaning ALL five levels of Passport Club are included in the links, they are not separated by level).


Purpose Games

Below, are custom quizzes I've created on Seterra/GeoGuessr that my own children have found really helpful in past years. So I’m sharing them with you, I hope your children find them helpful as well. If your student is studying for Level 5, be sure they’re using the Level 4 and Level 5 quiz links.